Sown Seeds

Raj sat nervously opposite his friend Dr. Haldar. The sexagenarian was eager to know the results of the tests, but the doctor just meandered on about the problems of running a hospital. Raj was sure much of it was for his benefit. He held 35% of the hospital’s shares.

The test would tell him if he had reasonable cause to file for divorce against his seventh wife, Aarti – an orphan who made her way into Bollywood. She was at the height of her career when Raj met her. He was instantly smitten by the pretty 20-year-old and wooed her tirelessly. After almost a year of bombarding her with gifts of every kind she relented and married him. After two years or marriage, he was bored and wanted out.

“Cut the crap, Ajay. Tell me the results.”

“Ah! The results of the tests. Well, Aarti and her daughter are your daughters.”

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